If You’re Going To Work With A Hypnotist, These Are The Questions You Need To Ask.

Your results are important, so I encourage you to  not choose only by price and location alone.

Hypnosis is a natural ability of the mind, and a hypnotist is a person who has learned the skills to direct you into the state and guide you through a process to affect positive changes. 

Still, not all hypnotists are created equally. Hypnosis is completely safe when practiced and performed by an experienced professional.

  • Does the hypnotist have more than 18 years of experience?
  • Many hypnotists recently got into the profession and are extremely limited in their ability to treat almost every issue because they ultimately lack the experience.

    This results in poor results and more frustration rather than using an experienced hypnotherapist.
  • Are they hypnotherapists who specialize only in quitting smoking / vaping using interactive methods or are they mere "jack-of-all-trades" hypnotists using simple hypnosis scripts?
  • This is one of the single most important questions you must ask when speaking to a hypnotherapist.

    There are many people that call themselves hypnotherapists, but if they are not doing interactive methods in their process, they are simple hypnotists using inferior ways to help you.

    Literally, 99% of hypnosis providers out there are merely using simple hypnosis, not hypnotherapy. These are suggestions for merely changing the behavior. The entire session, you are simply listening to the suggestions from a script, with no interaction.

    With this simple hypnosis approach alone, you are not taking care of the real problem, but merely treating the symptom.

    The truly exceptional hypnotist will utilize a completely interactive approach, by combining hypnosis and other therapeutic methods while in hypnosis to truly treat the underlying EMOTIONAL cause of the problem, not just the symptom.

    Many people claim to do this with simple suggestion, but if they are not doing an interactive approach – they simply aren’t. They are just "reading a script." If they answer that they only give suggestions or just use a script, stay far away from that provider.
  • Are they certified with the a professional hypnotherapy certifying body? Preferably the ICBCH (International Certifying Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy)?
  • This is one of the most reputable national certifying agencies that certifies hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

    If your hypnotist lacks this, they simply are not a professional in this field and should be avoided.
  • Do they have documented proof of results in multiple media formats (preferably video), not just written testimonials?
  • Anyone can simply just make up a written paragraph and stick it on their website.

    Unfortunately, many written testimonials on websites are obviously fabricated, especially being signed with “initials” for a name.

    Your hypnotherapist should have documented results and case studies in both audio, video and written format, along with full names of the client.
  • Are they part of a medical practice or supervised by a medical physician?
  • Most, if not all hypnotherapists out there are simple, “lone wolf” type of single practitioners, and they are not properly trained or supervised by medical physicians, often just merely using scripts found on the internet.

    We are fully associated with a professional medical practice, and all of our hypnotherapy programs and protocols are supervised by a medical physician.
  • Do they have a professional office space or are they merely working out of their home?
  • It is baffling to us that many people would even consider a hypnotist that has a “home office” that they see clients in.

    Your hypnotherapist should have a quality, private, professional office that they help their clients in.
  • Are they significantly priced (high quality provider vs. cheap hobbyist)?
  • Do they just charge by the hour or based on the transformative results their clients achieve?

    This is also a crucial question. There are many inexpensive (i.e. inferior and poorly trained) hypnotists in every geographic area.

    However, these providers are often mere hobbyists, coming out when they have a client that only cares about the lowest price. What this means is a poorly trained hypnotist and ultimately – poor, if any results.

    Also, many hypnosis providers merely charge by the hour, because they simply can’t provide the results that their clients seek. They therefore can only charge “for their time.”

    We determine our program fees based on the transformation that our clients typically experience.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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