Weight Loss Hypnosis

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Listen to Some of Our Successful Weight Loss Clients

One of our recent amazing clients, Janie, who started in October and now has lost a total of 77 pounds in 8 months*

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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The #1 reason for weight loss failure? Willpower…

Often, clients say to themselves, “I just need to use all the willpower I’ve got to finally drop this weight, etc..”

However, most people don't realize that willpower is a product of the conscious mind.

The conscious mind likes to think that it’s "running the show" - when really it's your subconscious mind running this "outdated" programming, based on all of your emotional baggage and past experiences.

That’s why willpower doesn’t work.

It’s like thinking that using a powerful tool such as a battering ram to break down an obstacle is all that it takes to reach the gold on the other side.

As soon as you take away the negative emotional patterns of your previous conditioning with food, you don’t even need the “battering ram” to get to the other side.

You simply walk the open path!

Problems with Portion Control? Emotional Eating? Weight Loss Hypnosis is an excellent option...

Simply dieting and exercising is too simple of an approach.

When you use weight loss hypnosis, we teach you how to listen to your emotions so that you learn to control your emotions, rather than your emotions controlling you by turning to food, etc.

In addition to the weight loss hypnosis, you will learn self-hypnosis so that you can continue to reinforce continued success.

This will allow you to continue to make improvements in other areas of your life.

With our most successful clients it wasn’t until they changed the thoughts in their own mind that they took the weight off and kept it off.

Audio Testimonials for Weight Loss Hypnosis in Michigan

"I didn't even think it worked the first time...or wouldn't last a week...

But I do not snack at all...I'm quite baffled at this whole process to be quite honest..."*

- Debbie Sills

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I feel so much better about myself...I'm not nearly as self-critical towards myself..."*

- Natalie Kilkenny

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I wanted less unhealthy food, that was the biggest change...

I thought...who eats this stuff...this is awful...it's like the bad foods don't even exist..."*

- Jeannie Smith

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Able to reset my thinking and take control of myself..."*

- Inga Gutarts

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Listen to Some of Our Successful Weight Loss Clients

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the “cheap hypnotist” or the “guy from the ‘70’s”.

Unfortunately, many hypnotherapists either learned hypnosis 20-30 years ago, and are using outdated techniques, or trained with someone from that era.

This leads them to only do what is called direct suggestion, which means they simply do not know how to take care of underlying problem. We do.

Imagine you have a garden, if you weed your lawn with a lawnmower, then the weed will grow right back within time.

Our unique process is an excellent option for people who to take help with the root of the problem, not just addressing the symptom.

What The “Other Guys Do Wrong”

Most hypnotists will give a client suggestions for eating less, or for exercising more, but without removing the root cause of the problem, then “weeds” grow right back again, and the client is left feeling frustrated.

With our proprietary leading weight loss hypnosis system, Subconscious Reconditioning™, this root cause is examined and at the focus of our process.

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Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.

Your program will be custom-designed based on you.

  • Learn my URGE BUSTER methods so you can release the stress of emotionally triggered eating and uncontrollable urges.
  • How some of the most amazing breakthroughs you’ll create have nothing to do with food.
  • Why willpower is one of the least effective methods for changing behaviors.
  • The 5 emotional needs your mind and body hoped would be met by overeating, and how to easily and automatically create new behaviors that will actually satisfy you.
  • How to still enjoy and indulge in foods without derailing your success.
  • The truth about exercise, and how to make it easy.
  • 1 powerful method to easily switch all the reasons it seemed hard to lose weight into the reasons you can make it easy.
  • The one part of your mind that we will reverse to now support you rather than hold you back.
  • How to maintain success even if you’re traveling or enjoying the holidays.

Audio Testimonials for Weight Loss Hypnosis in Michigan

"Wasn't sure it could be done to me...but the results just become part of your daily routine..."*

- Burt Zharnest

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I have an incredible sweet tooth, but after my sessions, I don't even want it anymore..."*

- Michelle Hayfee

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I used to use food to anesthetize myself...now, I'm not fighting with myself, that's the difference..."*

- Gerri Allen

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Wasn't scary like I thought it would be..."*

- Becky Wagner

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Listen to Some of Our Successful Weight Loss Clients

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.

This is what you should expect from us

Our unique approach puts our successes light years ahead of most other hypnotherapists.*

Much more importantly, many clients report back feeling better about themselves, self esteem improves, and often, you’ll simply feel like you’re living a healthier lifestyle..

Most weight loss hypnosis programs are completed within 3-5 sessions.

Audio Testimonials for Weight Loss Hypnosis in Michigan

"I didn't know if it would work, but I wanted to give it a try...

Before, I would find myself eating things just to eat...I eat a lot less now, I feel a lot happier about everything I'm doing now...*"

- Christa Gibson

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I came actually NOT skeptical, because I had no hope..."*

- Irene Ledemer

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I was skeptical, but now I don't eat out of boredom, I don't eat out of stress...

...I feel like a new person..."*

- Molly Hinds

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Before, I would just try and shove down my emotions with food...I'm more hopeful now, it's a weight off my shoulders..."*

- Carolyn Shaw

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will it work for me?”

I know that people don’t wake up one day, suddenly realize they’re overweight, and drop everything to call a hypnotist. The fact that you’re still reading this website means you’ve likely already tried a little of everything, and you’ve realized it’s your mind that needs to change, not just your habits.

A quick search on Google Scholar displays more than 54,000 studies demonstrating the efficacy of hypnosis for weight loss. I’ve seen great results in my own life and for my clients, and many of their stories are shared on this page.

The better mindset is to look at everything as a tool. Rather that ask IF it will work, ask yourself HOW you will make it work.

“I might have special circumstances. Does that matter?”

I’ve been at this a long time. The reason you’re about to speak with me is that I custom-design the process to be what you need, rather than just run through the motions of a generic program.

Let’s get specific:

  • I’ve helped diabetics follow the nutritional advice from their doctors.
  • I’ve supported people succeed even with allergies or food sensitivities.
  • I’ve helped the fat runner lean down to increase her stamina for a marathon.
  • I’ve helped the elderly woman change her eating to lose weight… without exercise.
  • I helped the computer programmer who passionately turned counting calories into his new video game.
  • I helped the woman who pointed her finger in my face and insisted “You’re not going to make me stop eating cheesecake.” She still lost weight.

“What if I cannot be hypnotized?”

Anyone who is able to follow instructions and has the desire to change can be hypnotized. The action of getting into hypnosis is the easiest part of the work, which allows us to 100% focus the efforts on creating the changes you’re ready to enjoy.

One of the definitions of hypnosis is that it’s the bypassing of the critical elements of your mind. It’s that automatic response in spite of what you’re consciously aware of. Realize that you already know how you should be eating, but you’re not yet doing it. You perhaps know how you should be exercising, but you’re not yet doing it.

Congratulations. You’re already hypnotizing yourself. Let me show you how to use those “powers” for good.

“Should I do it now or after the holidays or my next vacation?”

Everything is an asset. Imagine the changes you will enjoy in your life as you’re able to enjoy celebrations or travel without the “all-or-nothing” mindset.

Many of my clients have enjoyed greater success by scheduling our program AROUND major life events so you’re able to solidify your personal strength.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.